Welcome to Palawan

Welcome to Palawan, the largest, most enigmatic and wonderful province in the Philippines. Host to Two World Heritage Sites, a National Treasure Site, and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, Palawan is today the buzzworld in nature tourism destinations, so that tourist arrivals are growing exponentially, and this is expected to rise even more within this decade.

But beyond tourism, the province is open to development investments in other areas such as construction, agribusiness, power generation, and transport, among the major ones. Plus, a host of opportunities in limited areas also exist, like vegetable growing and processing, small-scale manufacturing and business process outsourcing.

The Provincial Government is keen in supporting environment-friendly investments in the priority areas through infrastructure, laws and regulations, and linkages, to develop Palawan's full potential as a vital component in the domestic and BIMP-EAGA economic landscape.

Visit Palawan, and appreciate what it can offer you as an investment milieu for your venture enterprises. Perhaps this is the only place you need to look in.

Then, let's talk.